Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November news from room 206

It’s hard to believe that November and the end of the first quarter are already upon us! This month brings more than Thanksgiving and report cards--we’re also beginning new units in reading, writing and math. In Reading Workshop we’ll be stepping into the shoes of the characters we’re reading about, growing ideas and predicting what might happen based on what we know about the character. An important part of the work we do will be our ability to empathize with our characters, even using our own memories to connect with how characters might think or feel. In Writing Workshop our attention turns to information writing, so we’ll be busy gathering information about topics we’re interested in and writing up a storm! Later this month we’ll finish up multiplication and division and move on to place value and solving problems with units of measure. You may have noticed that your student does not get homework every day. The math curriculum we’re using introduces topics and skills in a very specific way, and we won’t have homework if we haven’t completely covered all the skills taught in a lesson. Science continues to be the study of the structures of life, moving away from plants and towards crayfish!

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